How to solve the inaccurate dosage of agricultural drones?

There will inevitably be some abnormalities during the use of agricultural drones, for example: the dosage of agricultural drones is inaccurate, (for example: the aircraft is set to a dosage of 1.8L, and the actual dosage can only reach 1.5L ), if such a situation occurs, how should we deal with it? The editor of MANHOPE will explain to you in detail the solution to the inaccurate dosage of agricultural drones. The specific content is as follows:
1. Write down the actual amount of drug added each time. After the flight of the agricultural drone, check whether the number of operating acres is consistent with the actual amount of drug added.
2. Make scale marks for the barrels of agricultural drones. Whether you use a big white bucket or a big red bucket, find a container with a scale, such as a bucket with a scale of ten liters, and add a bucket to the container to mark it. In this way, when adding medicine, we will know exactly how much to add, and when spraying medicine, we can also know how much has been injected and how much is left, which is very convenient.
The above two points are the solutions to the inaccurate dosage of agricultural drones. Today’s content will be shared with you here. If you want to know more about plant protection drones, please pay attention to Minghao’s website (//, we will update it regularly. If you want to consult the price of agricultural plant protection drones, welcome to consult!