How to solve the clogging of the plant protection drone nozzle?


In the process of agricultural plant protection, drones spray pesticides through nozzles to achieve the purpose of applying pesticides to crops. However, after a long time of use, the UAV will more or less have some clogging problems, which seriously affects its normal use, and the water quality requirements are still very high. In order to avoid the imagination of clogging, we need to do some preventive work. Below, MANHOPE will show you how to prevent the nozzle clogging of agricultural plant protection drones.

     Picture : MH-410S agricultural drone

1. Secondary dilution of pesticides

The secondary dilution method can fully dissolve low-solubility pesticides, distribute them more evenly, avoid pesticide precipitation, and reduce nozzle clogging. Especially when the dosage of some pesticides is very small, the double dilution method can make the pesticide formula uniform, improve the utilization rate and use effect.

2. Liquid medicine pre-filtered

Experienced friends know that some drugs are extremely thick after mixing, and even precipitate, which increases the possibility of nozzle clogging and affects operating efficiency. The trouble is, if the carton filter gets clogged, we have to pour the medication back into the dispense bucket to clean it, which is a waste of time. Therefore, it is necessary to pre-filter the liquid medicine. At this time, filter screens or high-density stockings can be used to filter liquid medicines to improve the operational quality and efficiency of agricultural plant protection drones. The filter screen should take into account that the gap should not be too large or too dense. If the gap is large, it cannot play a good filtering effect. It cannot guarantee that the impurities in the pharmaceutical industry will not block the nozzle. If the gap is too large and the filtration is too slow, it will affect the efficiency, so we must use Proper strainer to minimize clogging to a great extent.

3. Four cleaning parts

Namely medicine box, nozzle, filter, pressure reducing valve. Long-term operation will form a circle of mucous membrane (especially powder) on the outer layer of the filter to prevent spraying liquid. It is necessary to wash frequently. There will also be deposits in the pressure reducing valve. Cartridge cleaning should be repeated after each operation. First of all, it will not affect the quality of the next spray. Secondly, the sediment in the filter element should be cleaned to avoid clogging.

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