Features of spraying plant protection drones


The characteristics of spraying plant protection drones, drug spraying is an indispensable item of plant protection, and my country, as a large agricultural country, has a wide range of planting areas. Due to a series of problems in manual spraying of pesticides, the development of automated agricultural machinery and the development of science and technology have not fallen behind. The emergence of plant protection drones has provided great help to my country's agricultural planting. Today, the editor of MANHOPE will explain to you that spraying The characteristics of medicine drones.

Picture : MH-410S agricultural drone

Features of the spraying plant protection drone:

The spraying plant protection UAV can realize automatic quantitative spraying of pesticides, reduce the pollution and damage of pesticides to the soil environment, and save water and pesticides. The use of drones to spray drugs can also increase the penetration of pesticides on crops and better ensure the growth environment of crops.

(a) Increase production;

(b) Strong applicability, reduce labor force;

(c) Return on investment;

(d) Low cost, easy to operate;

(e) Integrated GIS map;

(f) Generate crop health images;

(g) Automatic return to home when lost contact;

The above is the entire content of the "Characteristics of Plant Protection Drones for Spraying Plants" shared today, and I hope it can help everyone. Spraying plant protection drones can realize water-saving irrigation of farmland crops. During the growth of crops, it is necessary to know the changes in soil humidity at any time. Using drones can integrate irrigation, drip irrigation, and micro-irrigation of farmland, thereby Achieve scientific irrigation and better maintain the most suitable soil growth humidity for crops.

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