How to choose a plant protection drone?


How to choose plant protection drones? As a big agricultural country, China produces tens of thousands of crops every year. The labor consumption required for agricultural cultivation is huge, especially in large-scale pesticide spraying and crop monitoring. Manual work is harmful to the body, and the human resources consumed and the efficiency cannot meet expectations. The emergence of plant protection drones has improved this agricultural operation. Let's take a look at why plant protection drones are used and how to choose plant protection drones?

Why use plant protection drones?

1. Efficient and safe

Plant protection UAV GPS navigation, automatic route planning, autonomous flight according to the route and autonomous relay, can reduce the phenomenon of artificial missed spraying and re-spraying, and at the same time avoid the phenomenon of poisoning in production. Improve the quality of spraying, the working height is low, and can be close to the crops by 2-3 meters, coupled with the airflow generated by the huge downward rotation of the rotor, the pesticide mist has strong penetrating power to the crops from top to bottom, less drift, and is highly efficient and environmentally friendly. Pesticide operators use remote control to apply pesticides, stay away from the pesticide application environment, and avoid health hazards caused by close contact with pesticides. Plant protection drones protect the natural environment and prevent the deterioration of the natural environment.

2. Flexible and convenient

Since the plant protection drone flies in the air, it will not leave rut marks or damage crops. It is especially suitable for rice where ground equipment cannot walk, crops such as corn and sugarcane in the middle and late stages, mountain forestry and crops, and forest pests and diseases. Moreover, the plant protection UAV can hover in the air and take off and land vertically. It needs a small takeoff and landing space, and can take off and land in the fields.

3. Plant protection drones are the choice of the times

Plant protection drones can provide a completely modern solution to the above problems. Spraying pesticides with drones has high operational efficiency. For example, the plant protection drones of ManHope can operate up to 100 acres per hour, which greatly saves the labor cost of pesticide application, and can implement group defense and group control in a short time. Especially in the application process of contiguous scale farms, it can prevent diseases and insect pests in a timely and efficient manner. At the same time, when spraying with a drone, when the liquid mist is sprayed from the sprayer, it is accelerated by the downward airflow of the rotor to form an aerosol flow, which directly increases the penetration of the liquid mist to the crops and reduces the amount of pesticides. Increase the degree of drift, and increase the deposition and coverage of the drug solution on the target crops, so that the "medicine" and "water" will be reduced, and the treatment effect will be improved. Due to the use of remote control, the poisoning caused by artificial long-term contact with pesticides is reduced. In addition, in the context of the structural shortage of young and middle-aged labor force and the continuous increase in agricultural labor costs, the development of plant protection drones plays an important role in the stable development of agriculture.

How to choose a plant protection drone?

1.Whether the load of the drone matches its own land. Its not that the larger the load of the plant protection drone, the better. The greater the load, the higher the efficiency. We also need to consider many other factors, such as whether the power of the drone is sufficient for the pilot to return the drone to the supply point after a flight. Generally speaking, it is better to use a plant protection drone with a power level of about 30% after a barrel of medicine is used up. In addition, the cost of large load is relatively high. For consumers, blindly pursuing large load drones will greatly increase their own costs.

2.Is it convenient to transport the UAV? People who use plant protection drones know that the plots for spraying medicine are often not very flat, and many vehicles cannot enter. It can be easily loaded and unloaded, saving time and improving efficiency.

3.Whether the after-sales service of the drone is perfect and whether the maintenance is simple. Aircraft bombing is an inevitable phenomenon in drone operations, so the post-maintenance of drones is very important. A good after-sales service can help you save a lot of manpower and material costs.

4.Whether the price of the drone meets the budget. After referring to the above factors, if there are many similar styles on the market, it is necessary to compare them according to the price and choose the one with high cost performance.