Hand-held rice transplanter use skills


My country is a large agricultural country, and rice is the main food crop in our country. Rice mechanized planting is an important link in realizing agricultural modernization. Rice mechanized planting includes machine transplanting, machine direct seeding, machine throwing and so on. So how to use the hand-held rice transplanter?

a. Before loading the seedlings, put the shift lever in the neutral position, turn the oil pressure handle down, start the engine, connect the main clutch to the planting clutch, move the seedling box to the far left or right of the guide rail, and pull it out after turning off the engine. Seedling extension board. Use the seedling board to load the seedlings. The rice shoots should be loaded onto the front edge of the guide rail, neither leaving a gap nor being pressed on the guide rail. Several trays of rice seedlings can be put into the prepared seedling support to facilitate timely supply. If the seedlings are too dry, sprinkle a little water to make them moist so that the seedlings can slide down easily.

b. After installing the seedlings, start the machine, shift the speed change handle to the transplanting position, connect the transplanting clutch, and the seedling box starts to move. Special attention should be paid to the fact that the rice transplanter is equipped with markers and side-to-side devices, which are set to keep the row spacing consistent. There are two positions for the side-to-side rower, one with a row spacing of 33 cm and one with a row spacing of 30 cm. It can be moved to a suitable position according to the operation requirements. We grow japonica rice here, and generally 30 cm is enough. Unfold the marking device, and at the same time, aim at the adjacent rice shoots or field ridges and expand the side-tracking device. Finally, slowly engage the main clutch to start transplanting.

c. When the machine is working for the first time, you can try to insert a certain distance first, check whether the depth of transplanting seedlings and the amount of seedlings taken meet the requirements, and then formally transplant. Here, the amount of seedlings taken is generally carried out according to 3-5 plants per hole of japonica rice (1-2 plants per hole of subtitle-hybrid rice). The depth of the seedling insertion is 2.6 centimeters, the plant spacing is 12 centimeters (subtitle-hybrid rice plant spacing is 20 centimeters), and the row spacing is fixed, which is 30 centimeters.

d. When working in the field, the sequence of transplanting operations should be considered to minimize the area of manual transplanting. According to the size and shape of the rice transplanting field, it is necessary to plan the operation route before the operation, and then effectively complete the rice transplanting operation. Whether it is a square field or a special-shaped field, it is best to leave two machine positions at the four corners to facilitate turning. Finally, just ensure that every row in the field is fully transplanted.

e. If the seedlings are not inserted straight, you can hold the handle at any time to move the machine left and right to achieve the goal. When transplanting rice seedlings, the operator must walk on a catwalk, and cannot walk with legs apart, otherwise it will cause the machine to be unbalanced and affect the effect of rice transplanting. The throttle handle can be increased in steps to increase the speed of the operation.

f. If it is necessary to turn, reduce the speed of the engine, cut off the handle of the rice transplanting clutch, retract the marker, and hold the side clutch in the direction of rotation to turn. NOTE: Leave one machine width before turning. After the rotation is finished, connect the handle of the rice transplanting clutch, open the marker, and continue working.

g. The replenishment method of seedlings. Put both the main clutch and the transplanting clutch in the cut-off position, pull the reserve seedling support towards the body, and adjust it to a convenient position for replenishment. Slowly put the prepared seedlings into the seedling box. Be careful to align with the remaining seedlings without gaps or overlapping. After the replenishment of the seedlings, push the prepared seedlings back forward. Continue to work. Basically, 18 trays of seedlings are needed per mu. When removing the remaining seedlings in the seedling box after the rice transplanting operation is finished, the seedling presser is fixed upwards and then the seedlings are removed.

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