Common problem maintenance of rice transplanter


How many acres can the rice transplanter plant in a day?

The rice transplanter has greatly liberated the labor force, so do you know how many acres the rice transplanter can plant in a day?

The working efficiency of the rice transplanter is related to many factors, such as working time, the size of the field, the depth of the mud foot, the quality of the seedlings, the proficiency of the driver, etc. will affect the working efficiency. Generally, the area of the field is (2-3 Mu/block, if you don’t need to move the machine over a long distance), the general driving level is 8-9 hours a day, the depth of mud feet is 15-20 cm deep, if the seedling packing conditions and bed soil thickness are good: hand-held 6-row transplanting The working efficiency of the machine is about 30-40 mu, and the high-speed riding type is 40-60 mu/day.

Rice transplanter maintenance tutorial.

It is inevitable that there are faults in the rice transplanter during use. There are mainly several forms of fault maintenance:

a. For faults that the rice transplanter users can repair by themselves, such as loose screws, missing parts, and uneven sampling volume, just readjust the sampling volume and tighten the bolts. If there is a problem with the seedling needle, adjust the seedling needle to ensure that the rice is transplanted evenly, so that the work of the rice transplanter is in a normal state. However, the operator needs to operate according to the specifications during operation to avoid further damage to the rice transplanter.

b. For the repair of damaged parts, the agricultural machinery user will send the faulty rice transplanter to a regular agricultural machinery store for repair. Faulty rice transplanter farmers need to purchase accessories for repair. In the process of maintenance, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of rice transplanter parts to avoid other failures caused by unqualified quality.

c. If the special parts are damaged, you need to contact the manufacturer, or go to the designated supplier to buy accessories, and you can’t buy accessories at will to avoid causing greater damage.

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