Common fault repair of tiller

author: Manhope
When using the small cultibator, when a fault occurs, it is necessary to turn off the engine and stop for inspection. The following are common faults and repair methods:
1. The clutch cannot be disengaged.
If the clutch handle fails, the clutch handle should be repaired or replaced; if the clutch cable fails, the clutch cable should be replaced; if the bolt at the end of the positioning pin is loose, the cable should be adjusted and then tightened; if the friction plate fails, it should be replaced; if the release bearing is damaged, it should be replaced; The spring fails and should be replaced.
2. Clutch slips.
The separation fork is not fully combined, and the joint surfaces should be separated or cleaned several times; the clutch rocker arm is blocked from returning, and the obstacle to returning is cleared; the adjustment of the clutch cable is too short, resulting in the friction plate not being combined in place, and the cable needs to be readjusted , so that the friction plates are fully combined.​
3. The gear is not in place.
If the shift dial is too worn or loose, it should be replaced; if the inner shaft spring of the gearbox fails, the spring should be replaced; if the gearbox bearing is damaged or the nut is loose, causing the gearbox shaft to move axially, the bearing should be replaced or the nut should be tightened.​​
4. The V-belt slips.
If the V-belt is too loose or the belt is worn, the tightness of the V-belt should be replaced or adjusted.​​
5. There is a noise in the gearbox of the mini tiller.