Barley beating machine cleaning? How accurate is the insurance machine?


The bale chamber of the baler needs to be cleaned regularly, so as not to affect the working efficiency and the service life of the baler due to the residual weeds inside. It cannot be cleaned with water, and it is generally cleaned with high-pressure gas or high-speed, large-capacity wind generated by a fan. . In addition to regular cleaning, the maintenance work of the baler also includes inspection after work, regular lubricating oil, regular inspection of wearing parts, etc. Let's learn about the cleaning and maintenance of the straw baler with the MANHOPE editor.

1. How to clean the straw baler?

The baler is a machine for tying grass. It is generally used for baling straw such as wheat and corn. Therefore, it is also called a wheat straw baler. Too much grass affects work efficiency and is also conducive to prolonging the service life, so how to clean the baler?

Under normal circumstances, it is not possible to use water to clean the baler, because cleaning the straw baler with water is not only not clean, but also the residue left after cleaning will become the source of accelerated rust and corrosion damage after being soaked in water; The cleaning of the baler is generally carried out with high-pressure gas, and the high-speed, large-capacity wind generated by the fan is used to blow the baler's baler chamber.

2. How to properly maintain the baler?

As a kind of agricultural machinery, the baler often works in the farmland. If you do not pay attention to maintenance, it is easy to break down. In addition to regular cleaning, the maintenance of the baler must also:

a. After the working cycle of the baler is over, it is necessary to check the use status of the main components of the baler, such as checking whether the tightening mechanism (the tightening wheel tightens the tooth plate) and the welding and cutting part for the presence of debris.

b. In order to avoid poor use of the baler, generally every 1,000 bales are baled, all chains need to be lubricated once with engine oil, and the chains are lubricated regularly at the end of the season and during idle periods to reduce the wear of mechanical parts and increase baling machine life.

c. The baler should be inspected every month, and the degree of wear of the internal wearing parts and wearing parts should be evaluated, and the replacement should be replaced.

d. The wheel bearing of the baler should be disassembled, cleaned and reassembled every year. While turning the wheel, tighten the bearing adjusting nut, loosen the adjusting nut until the slot on the adjusting nut is aligned with the cotter pin hole on the shaft, and install the opening tail pin.

e. The baler should check the power pivot spring regularly, and keep the length of the spring at 68mm.

f. Regularly check the wear of the slide rail in the bale chamber, there will be groove marks worn by the bearing or slider on it, and replace it if necessary. When replacing the slide rail, if it is backed with shims, be sure to replace the shims when installing to keep the slide rail straight.

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