What are the characteristics of small agricultural machinery? The scope of application of small agricultural machinery.


Small agricultural machinery is a kind of relatively small agricultural machinery. It has the advantages of flexible operation, strong adaptability, small size, simple structure, convenient use, and low purchase cost. However, it also has backward technology, single function, and low energy utilization. Noise, serious exhaust pollution and other problems. Due to the special environment of our country, small-scale agricultural machinery has a relatively large market, especially in mountainous and hilly areas, small-scale agricultural machinery is often used for small-scale cultivated land and planting cash crops. Let's take a look at the characteristics and applications of small agricultural machinery.

What are the characteristics of small agricultural machinery?

Agricultural machinery plays a wide role in modern agricultural production. Influenced by my country's agricultural production and management model, small-scale agricultural machinery has a large proportion of use in rural areas of my country. The characteristics of small-scale agricultural machinery mainly include:

Advantages of small agricultural machinery:

a. The operation is flexible and adaptable. It can work in a variety of land environments and can be equipped with different machines to meet the different planting needs of farmers.

b. Small size, simple structure, easy to use.

c. The purchase cost is relatively low, and most farmers can afford it.

Disadvantages of small farm machinery:

a. The technology of small agricultural machinery is outdated and its functions are single.

b. The power system of small agricultural machinery is mostly diesel engine with simple structure, which consumes a lot of energy, low energy utilization rate, loud noise and serious exhaust pollution.

c. Due to the large number of manufacturers and large sales volume, the failure of small agricultural machinery within the warranty period often has the problems of slow resolution and insufficient professional ability of after-sales service personnel.

The scope of application of small agricultural machinery:

In recent years, with the improvement of agricultural machinery technical conditions and the expansion of production and operation scale, the sales and usage of small-scale agricultural machinery have been impacted by large and medium-sized agricultural machinery, but for now, small-scale agricultural machinery equipment still occupies a large market. The scope of application of small agricultural machinery is mainly:

a. Mountainous and hilly areas: Large-scale agricultural machinery is suitable for use in plain areas, but the terrain conditions in mountainous and hilly areas are poor. Large-scale agricultural machinery is difficult to adapt to whether it is driving or field work. Small-scale agricultural machinery is more flexible. Ability and adaptability are relatively stronger.

b. Small-scale cultivated land: limited by the land distribution model in rural areas of our country, the cultivated land owned by most farmers is not large. If they operate alone, the farmland is usually small in scale, and the use of small-scale agricultural machinery can give full play to the characteristics of meticulous operation, whether it is farming Whether it is harvesting or harvesting, it can better realize the quality of work and avoid waste in the production process.

c. Economic crops: Most of the agricultural machinery that can be used in the production, sowing, and harvesting of economic crops such as potatoes, carrots, and other vegetables and fruits need to be used in conjunction with tractors, and most of these agricultural machinery are small agricultural machinery, which is more suitable for small-horsepower tractors When used together, there will be no problems such as excess power and waste of resources during operation.

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