Introduction of walking tractor

author: manhope
Walking tractor is a kind of small agricultural machinery, also known as the hand tractor. It usually consists of an engine, a seat and a tractor frame. Walking tractors are mainly used for light load agricultural operations, such as farming, seeding, fertilization, pesticide spraying and so on. This paper will introduce the characteristics, use and maintenance of walking tractor.
Features of walking tractor
1.Small and flexible:
Walking tractor is small in size, light in weight, suitable for narrow terrain or small ground operation, more flexible and convenient than large tractors.
2.Energy saving and environmental protection:
The engine power of walking tractor is smaller, less fuel consumption, reducing environmental pollution, but also more economical and practical.
Walking tractor can be assembled according to the needs of various accessories, such as rototiller, seeder, sprayer, lawn mower, etc., to meet the needs of different agricultural operations.
Purpose of walking tractor
Walking tractor can be combined with rotary tiller and other agricultural machinery for farming, improve the soil quality of farmland, improve the yield.
The walking tractor can also be matched with the seeder for sowing, so that the seeds evenly spread, improve the survival rate and yield of crops.
3.Fertilization and pesticide spraying:
The walking tractor can be equipped with a spraying machine or fertilizer to spray or fertilize, reducing manual operation and improving work efficiency.
4.Binding, mowing:
Walking tractor can also be combined with lawn mower or binding machine for harvesting or binding, convenient and quick.
Maintenance of walking tractor

1.Change the oil:
The engine of the walking tractor needs to be lubricated with oil, so the oil needs to be changed regularly to maintain the cleanliness and lubrication of the oil.
2.Replace the air filter:
The engine of the walking tractor needs fresh air for combustion, so the air filter needs to be replaced regularly to avoid contaminating the engine with dust and impurities.
3.Replace the fuel filter:
There may be impurities and moisture in the fuel system of the walking tractor. Regular replacement of the fuel filter can avoid these impurities and moisture entering the engine and affecting its normal operation.
4.Check hydraulic oil:
The hydraulic system of walking tractor needs hydraulic oil for lubrication and power transmission, so the cleanliness and oil level of hydraulic oil need to be checked regularly.
5.Check batteries and circuits:
The batteries and circuits of walking tractors need to be checked regularly to ensure their normal operation and avoid circuit failure or serious battery depletion.
6.Check the tires:
The tires of walking tractors need to be checked regularly for air pressure and wear to avoid air leakage and excessive tire wear.
7.Regular cleaning:
The walking tractor needs to clean the fuselage and engine regularly to avoid the accumulation of dust and debris affecting the operation and service life of the machine.
8.Seasonal maintenance:
Walking tractors may need different maintenance in different seasons, such as the need to pay attention to anti-freezing and other issues in winter.
To sum up, the maintenance of walking tractor is very important, regular maintenance can ensure the normal operation of the machine and extend the service life. You are advised to follow the maintenance cycle specified in the user manual, and find and handle problems in time during use.