Have you maintained your microtiller correctly?

author: manhope
mini tiller
Microtiller with its light, flexible, multi-functional and inexpensive to become the new favorite farmers planting, is to ensure that the majority of farmers spring planting and autumn sowing of important forces. However, microtillers generally reflect a high failure rate of microtillers. The high failure rate of microtiller is found to be caused by improper use and maintenance of the machine, and there are some misunderstandings in the use and maintenance. Wrong maintenance methods are mainly the following:
1, air-cooled machine cooling with water. Some pilots see the air-cooled machine temperature is high, worried about damage to the machine, with the watering method to help cool down. In fact, it is a very wrong approach, using water to cool down suddenly, the cylinder liner suddenly contracted, easy to pull the cylinder, broken ring, and even the cylinder liner rupture.
2, do not pay attention to class maintenance. Some mechanics think that a few days to engage in a maintenance on the line, in fact, wear and tear is the process of accumulation, class maintenance as the main.
3, do not pay attention to the quality of fuel and lubricating oil. Poor quality of fuel, not only make the machine power is not enough, and accelerate the oil pump and core set of wear; lubricant good or bad, directly affect the machine start performance and service life, must not be sloppy.
4, improper use of sealant on the engine bias cover gasket. After the partial cover gasket using sealant, excess rubber easily into the gear box, due to long hours of work and oil pump suction, sealant is easy to block the oil into the oil hole, so that the crankshaft and connecting rod can not get effective lubrication.
5, the fuel tank cover leaking oil sealed with film paper. After sealing the fuel tank, work for a long time to produce negative pressure in the tank, resulting in insufficient oil intake, so that the machine in the work of black smoke, insufficient power.
6, diesel atomization is bad only to change the nozzle. Poor diesel atomization in addition to the nozzle problem, most of the high-pressure oil pump wear, pressure is small, the amount of oil caused by less.
7, messy tighten the screws on the body. Microtillers are mostly equipped with aluminum engines, aluminum is obviously less hard than ductile iron, so all the screws on the body must be in accordance with the torque force, especially the cylinder head screws, a little inattention will be "pulled". And try not to tighten the screws when the machine is hot.
8, disassemble the air-cooled machine air guide and wind shield. Some hands do not know the role of the wind shield and wind shield, think it is something to block the mud, you can want or not, arbitrary demolition, resulting in the fan of wind can not focus on the loss of the cooling effect.
Wrong operation method, but also easy to cause some failure. Summarized mainly the following:
1, long time overload operation. Microtillers in the water and harder field operations, the machine found black smoke, we must promptly reduce gear.
2, found strange noise to stop in time for maintenance. Troubleshooting before restarting.
3、 All kinds of clearance should be adjusted diligently.
4、 Incorrect starting method, easy to damage the start puller. Start in strict accordance with the requirements of the manual.
5, when turning without lifting the handrail, use the power tiller to turn, easy to break the power tiller.
6, long time warp work, easy to make the engine lubrication poor.