What are the benefits of using a mulch machine for mulching?


Now that society is developing better and better, technology has changed life, and the planting industry has also ushered in a peak period. Now, whether it is corn, sweet potatoes, cotton or potatoes, peanuts, soybeans, flue-cured tobacco and vegetables, plastic film is used.

Why is mulching so popular? Today I’m going to talk about the benefits of mulching. Before I talk about it, there is a premise, that is, there is a machine called a mulching machine in agricultural machinery, which is specially used for mulching. It is driven by a trolley and a tiller. Yes, there are also four-wheel tractors, so the options are relatively wide, and you can choose the mulching machine according to your own needs! Let's continue:


              Picture one:MH-D-M01Mulching machine                                   Picture two:MH-D-LM2363 ridging and laminating machine

Effectively suppress weeds first:

When the plastic film mulcher is planted after mulching, the growth of perennial grasses such as reeds and sedges will also be greatly inhibited, which can significantly reduce the impact of weeds on crop growth. When weeding in the field, just remove the weeds in the soil-covered part between the rows of plants.

Second, keep warm and moisturize:

Covering with plastic film is conducive to the recovery of the root system after planting, and has a great effect on promoting growth, so that the aboveground part of the plant grows early and quickly, and the ridge is sealed before the high temperature season; Protective effect, avoiding the harm of hot weather to pepper.

Due to the strong air tightness of the film, the soil can be isolated from the atmosphere after covering, effectively reducing the evaporation of soil moisture, making the soil moisture stable and keeping it moist for a long time, promoting the absorption of water by crops, which is beneficial to the growth and development of roots and aboveground parts of plants, and improving Soil water use efficiency.

Further improve the soil structure:

After mulching with mulch machine, the decomposition speed of soil organic matter is accelerated, the soil bulk density is reduced, and the soil porosity is significantly increased. The soil on the ridge surface will not be compacted due to rainfall or watering, and the soil is loose, which is conducive to the growth and development of peppers. After the soil structure is improved, it is very beneficial to the activities of soil organisms. After fertilization or watering, it is conducive to root absorption.

It is also good for drainage:

After the surface of the ridge is covered with plastic film, when the rain is heavy, the excess water will be quickly discharged along the ridge, which can reduce the amount of rainwater retained, thereby reducing the disaster of rain and waterlogging. Film mulching cultivation is one of the very important measures to prevent rain and waterlogging.

Finally to mitigate the disease:

When mulching crops with plastic film, furrow irrigation is adopted, which is beneficial to reduce the relative humidity of the air in the plant layer. When the rain is heavy, it can also reduce waterlogging, and the occurrence of diseases such as pepper anthracnose and scab is significantly reduced. When mulching cultivation with plastic film, the number of intertillage and weeding is reduced, which reduces the damage to plant tissue and reduces the chance of germs invading from the wound.

Make pepper plants more robust and disease-resistant.

Therefore, when planting crops, the method of covering with plastic film can not only reduce diseases, but also increase yield.

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