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agricultural drone
agricultural drone
spray drone
agricultural drone
spray drone

Pure Electric Agricultural Spraying Drone

Model NO.

Standard Configuration
1.Android ground station, easy to operate/PC ground station, full voice broadcast.
2.Router setting support, fully auto flight operation with a,b point operation. 
3.One button take-off and landing, more safety and time saving.
4.Continue Spraying at breakpoint, the MH-30 agriculture spray drone automatically returns when it runs out of pesticides and low battery.
5.Liquid Detection, Break Point record setting.
6.Battery detection, low battery return and record point setting available.
7.Heigh control radar, stable altitude setting, suppoting imitative earth function.
8.Flyinglayout setting available.
9.Vibration protection, lost contect protective, drug cut protection.
10.Motor sequance detection and direction detection function.
12.Campecorder,real-time transmission available

Enhance Configuration
1.Ascent or descent according to terrain imitative earth
2.obstacle avoidance function, surrounding obstacles detection.
3.Seedsowing function, additional seed spreader, or ETC

Diagonal Wheelbase (mm)2000mm
Size (mm)Folded: 1000*1000*750mm
Spreaded: 2000*2000*750mm
Operation Power44.4V (12S)
Weight20KG Battery: 6.3KG
Flight Speed3-8 M/S
Spray Width3-6 M/S
Max. Takeoff Weight60KG
Flight Control systemsMicrogram V7-AG (military industry brand)
Dynamic SystemHobbywing X9 Power Package
Spraying SystemPressure Spray
Water Pump Pressure1mPa
Spraying Flow1.5- 3 KG/Min (Max. 4KG/Min)
Flight TimeEmpty Tank: 20-25Min  Full Tank: 12-14Min
Operational3-5 Acres/Min
Power Battery14S 27000mah
Charging Time0.5-1hour
Recharge Cycles300-500 times
Daily efficiency(6hours)300-900acres
Packing BoxFlight Case 117*102* 91CM


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