Operation skills of agricultural drones in different environments


Agricultural UAV is an unmanned aircraft used for agricultural and forestry plant protection operations. This type of unmanned aircraft is composed of three parts: a flying platform (fixed wing, helicopter, multi-axis aircraft), navigation flight control, and spraying mechanism. It can be controlled by ground remote control or navigation. The flight control is used to realize the spraying operation, which can spray chemicals, seeds, powders, etc. Today, the editor of ManHope is mainly to share with you the operation skills of agricultural drones when operating in different environments. The precautions for operating drones in different environments are also different. The specific explanations are as follows:

1. There are obstacles such as utility poles, cable-stayed lines, electric wires, and telephone lines in the work site.

   First of all, we need to observe the utility poles, whether the pull wires are regular or whether the inclined wires, electric wires, and telephone lines are all in the forward direction. If it is in the forward direction, it is recommended to manually expand the block with obstacles by 3 meters for cleaning. The flight direction is the forward direction of obstacles. The reason for this is that the spray width of agricultural drones is generally about 1 meter on both sides of the pitch, which can ensure a safe distance between agricultural drones and obstacles, and the forward flight will not cross and misjudge obstacles. , and can guarantee that there will be no leakage.

2. Hilly and mountainous operation skills.

   Mountain operations are a test that can better reflect the overall situation. The skill of selecting control points for mountain operations directly determines the level of operation efficiency. Choosing a good control point can even increase the operation efficiency several times, because agricultural UAV mountain operations generally require Building an observation platform can ensure the safety of the operation. Generally, the time to build an observation platform in a mountainous area will not be less than 90 minutes. If you build a few more half-days, it will be gone. Therefore, it is very important to observe the terrain in advance.

   Flying from high to low for mountain operations can easily lead to bombing. The reason is that the integration of agricultural drones and crops is observed from high to low, and the height difference between agricultural drones and crops cannot be observed. Xiang Gao will clearly distinguish the height distance between the agricultural drone and the crops with the sky as the background.

3. Vegetables, melons and fruits and other cash crop operation skills.

Even many vegetables of the same kind have different characteristics due to different varieties. Some varieties have flexible stems, while others have brittle stems. If the flight height is not well controlled, it will damage the crops, resulting in reduced or no yield, and some fall to the ground. Melon-like fruits will affect the yield due to the large down-pressure wind field, and the seedling crops should pay more attention to controlling the flying height.

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