Features of Rice Transplanter


Better mechanical properties. The rice transplanter in the 1960s was developed for the characteristics of root-washing seedlings. When transplanting by machine, the seedling claws cannot be controlled freely, which affects the uniformity of planting. Adapt to the requirements of rice production. The walk-behind rice transplanters and high-speed rice transplanters that are now being promoted are all introduced from advanced technology, combined with the actual rice production in my country, optimized, developed and produced, and have mechanical reliability, adaptability, stability, operating performance, and operating quality. And the operation speed is greatly improved, which fully meets the requirements of modern agronomy.

The way of raising seedlings has been greatly improved. In the past, machine-transplanted rice seedlings used conventional seedling cultivation and root-washing and transplanting of large seedlings. The degree of standardization was low, labor-intensive and time-consuming, and the operation was cumbersome. The new machine-transplanting technology that is now being promoted, on the basis of summarizing and absorbing foreign industrialized seedling-raising technologies, uses plastic floppy disks to raise seedlings, and transplants small and medium-sized seedlings with soil. The seedling tray used for seedling raising has a flat bottom, the seeding rate and seeding depth are easy to control, and seedling raising is safer. Machine-transplanted seedlings require less labor, have high work efficiency, and greatly reduce the cost of raising seedlings, and are more suitable for commercial seedling raising and industrialized management in the future. At present, the fully automatic seedling raising line that is being promoted is easy to operate, has uniform sowing, good quality seedlings, and high operating efficiency, which has become a strong and effective driving force for the promotion of machine transplanting.

The technical indicators are easy to quantitatively control. The new rice transplanter can quantitatively adjust technical indicators such as basic seedlings and planting depth, and truly realizes the expansion of rows and shallow planting of seedlings. Such as PF-455S rice transplanter, each 120cm, fixed to 4 rows, the row spacing is 30cm. The distance between plants can be adjusted to 11.7, 12, 14.6cm. The planting densities per mu were 1.4, 1.6, and 18,000 holes respectively. By adjusting the horizontal and vertical seedling delivery mechanisms, the number of seedlings per hole is adjusted to 3-5 seedlings, so that the basic seedlings per mu are controlled at 50,000-80,000. The basic seedlings that have been difficult to control in production have been greatly reduced, and "small groups, strong individuals" have been truly realized, laying a good foundation for the realization of rice group quality cultivation control. The current rice transplanter is also equipped with a hydraulic profiling device, which can rise and fall with the surface of the field, constantly adjust the state of the body, keep the balance of the body and the same planting depth, and greatly improve the quality of planting. In addition, the seedlings are planted with soil, the planting injury is small, the slow seedling period is shorter, and the seedlings emerge early and quickly.

Significant savings and income increase. The ratio of the new machine-transplanted rice seedlings is 1:100, which is one-third of the throwing (1:30) and one-fifteenth of the conventional hand-planting (1:6-7), which greatly saves the seedling pool and correspondingly Save water for irrigation. The basic seedlings per mu are reduced to 50,000-80,000, and the amount of seeds used is reduced by one-third. Seedling trays, nutrient soil, and plastic film are all reduced by half, and labor is also reduced accordingly. According to preliminary estimates, compared with throwing rice seedlings, machine-transplanted rice seedlings can save more than 50 yuan per mu, and the economic benefits are significant.

 Adapt to the transfer of labor force. The new type of machine-transplanted seedlings saves labor, cost, and seedling ponds, and is equipped with automatic seedling raising lines. It is very suitable for industrialized, intensive, specialized, and commercialized seedling raising, and is suitable for industrialized management. At present, professional households for machine transplanting charge 60-100 yuan per mu of field from seedling raising to machine transplanting. However, for raising and throwing seedlings by a family, the cost of seedlings, seedling trays, nutrient soil, fertilizers, pesticides, water and other materials and seedling raising and throwing for farmers is always more than 150-200 yuan per mu. Farmers save costs, save seedling ponds, and free up time and energy. The promotion of machine-transplanted rice has taken a big step forward in commercial seedling raising, industrialized management, and socialized services, and has truly realized the transfer of labor.

It is an inevitable product of social development. With the development of society, the problem of population aging has become increasingly prominent, and the only child has become the main labor force in society, and the number of people engaged in agricultural production is decreasing. With the continuous improvement of the land transfer mechanism, the rural joint production contract of one household will gradually become the contracted operation of a small number of large agricultural machinery households. Industrialization, specialization, intensive seedling raising, and large-scale mechanized rice transplanting will become inevitable in rice production. Driving a revolution in the way rice is grown.

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