Development Prospects Of Agricultural Drones


What is the market prospect of the agricultural drone industry? In recent years, as a large number of rural laborers of the right age have moved to cities, facing large tracts of fertile land, the demand for my country's agricultural producers and operators to use automated machinery to complete production has increased significantly. With the help of national policies, agricultural drones have become one of the important measures to promote agricultural mechanization, and the technical level, popularity and market size have been greatly improved. In the future, with the deep integration of digital and intelligent technologies with drone products and agricultural scenarios, agricultural drones are expected to empower smart agriculture, effectively accelerate agricultural modernization, and help rural revitalization.

From agricultural mechanization to agricultural intelligence, drones and robots are becoming the absolute protagonists. Advances in technology and huge market demand are accelerating the integration of agriculture and technology. my country has 7% of the world's arable land. In recent years, agricultural drones have become more and more widely used in the field of agriculture, forestry and plant protection, and have become the "new darling" of farmers for field plant protection.

Market Analysis of Agricultural UAV Industry:

a.The strong support of national policies is bringing great opportunities for the development of agricultural drones. In recent years, as the country has identified agriculture and informatization as a key area, aviation plant protection has made breakthroughs in China, and has shown great development and application prospects. The combination of agricultural drone technology and agriculture has long been the focus of agricultural development. mainstream.

b. My country's agricultural production has entered a new stage dominated by mechanization. According to data from the China Agricultural Mechanization Association, by 2022, the comprehensive mechanization rate of crop farming and harvesting across the country will exceed 65%. In the future, the development of agricultural machinery big data and smart agricultural machinery equipment will be an important direction for my country's agricultural mechanization and transformation and upgrading of the agricultural machinery industry.

c. Agricultural drones are mainly remote sensing drones and pesticide spraying drones.

Although my country's agricultural drone industry started relatively late, in recent years, under the active exploration of the government, universities, research institutes, and enterprises, drone-related technologies have developed rapidly. First, the research and development of UAVs in my country can provide general parts and system development basis for agricultural UAVs. Second, new infrastructure such as 5G provides stable communication environment support for UAV agricultural applications. At the same time, the innovation of UAV component technologies such as chips, sensors, batteries, and camera devices has also driven down the cost of the whole machine, and promoted agricultural UAVs. Machine application and popularization.

Prospects for the development of agricultural drones

In recent years, my country has promulgated a series of policies to encourage the development of agricultural drones. On the one hand, efforts will be made to promote the development and manufacturing of agricultural drones. In February 2022, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the "Opinions on Doing a Good Job in Comprehensively Promoting the Key Work of Rural Revitalization in 2022", proposing that the R&D and application level of agricultural machinery equipment should be improved, and the R&D and manufacturing of high-end intelligent machinery should be included in the national key R&D plan and be stabilized for a long time support. On the other hand, subsidies are provided for the purchase of agricultural drones. Since 2017, my country has implemented the pilot project of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies to guide the standardized application of plant protection drones. In 2020, 20 pilot provinces including Guangxi and Guangdong applied for a total of 223 million yuan in central financial subsidies to purchase more than 9,000 plant protection drones. The "2021-2023 Guiding Opinions on the Implementation of Subsidies for the Purchase of Agricultural Machinery" proposes that my country will comprehensively carry out the subsidy work for the purchase of unmanned aerial vehicles for plant protection, and further strengthen financial support.

A. The market has a large capacity, covers a wide area, and has a market space of 100 billion. As a large agricultural country, my country has 2 billion mu of basic farmland, and a large number of agricultural machinery is required for auxiliary field operations every year.

b.The needs of the socialization of national agriculture, the needs of the mechanized tools of the national unified defense and rule, the actual needs of modern agriculture and the acceleration of land transfer.

c.Drug-device linkage, supporting services, promoting the reform and innovation of pharmaceutical companies, starting the development and production of trace and high-efficiency pharmaceuticals, and establishing a professional linkage organization integrating sales and service.

Advantages of plant protection drones in field operations

a. Improve efficiency and reduce costs. The unit operating area has reached 400-600 mu/day, and there is still a lot of room for improvement in future efficiency.

b. Safety, environmental protection, good effect, human-machine separation and human-medicine separation reduce the water consumption and dosage of medicine in operation, and the atomization effect of medicine liquid is good.

c. It has a high degree of automation and is not restricted by terrain and height. It can continue spraying at breakpoints, reducing missed spraying and re-spraying.

d. It has strong adaptability and is easy to popularize. It can be used for spraying pesticides, foliar fertilizers, pollination, etc. It is suitable for both low-stalk crops and high-stalk crops and fruit belts, as well as for plain areas and hilly areas. The aircraft is small in size and light in weight, and can quickly realize inter-regional transfer operations.

Market economic benefits of plant protection drones

a. Solve the contradiction between the labor gap and the modernization of agricultural plant protection, strengthen the introduction of professional, technical and innovative talents, and implement cross-regional aerial defense operations.

b. Promote the development of science and technology, consolidate the reserves of talents and technologies, and promote the development of my country's Industry 4.0 through the development of intelligent equipment. Integrate the linkage/cooperation of pharmaceutical companies, promote the integration, transformation and upgrading of pesticide companies, increase investment in R&D and innovation, and promote the development of high-efficiency, low-toxicity, and environmentally friendly pharmaceuticals.

c. The construction of the information platform system, through the mining of agricultural big data resources as an access point, integrates the industrial chain, creates an industry ecosystem, and promotes the efficient operation mode of agricultural Internet +.

d. The safety benefits are obvious, preventing personnel from heatstroke and poisoning, reducing the use of pesticides, improving crop quality, and promoting the development of an environmentally friendly economy.