Why are walk-behind tractors so popular?

author: Manhope
hand tractor
1. Simple structure and low maintenance cost
Walk-behind tractor is a kind of small agricultural machinery, its structure is simple, it is mainly composed of engine, transmission, walking, steering, hydraulic suspension, power output, electrical automation instrument, drive internal control and traction device.
The walking tractor has the characteristics of small size, flexibility, strong power, low maintenance cost, and suitable for small fields. It integrates field operations and short-distance transportation functions.
2. Versatile
The walking tractor is suitable for solving paddy fields and dry land, as well as developing orchards, vegetable gardens, vegetable gardens and cultivated fields in hilly urban areas. Equipped with corresponding agricultural machinery and accessories, it can be used for ploughing, rotary tillage, ditching, sowing, transportation and other operations. It can also be used as a power for fixed operations such as irrigation, threshing, milling, and feed processing.

Therefore, walking tractors are deeply loved by farmers and become an indispensable helper in agricultural production and transportation.