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agriculture rice transplanter
agriculture rice transplanter

Intelligent Ride-on High-speed Rice Transplanter

Model NO.
Product Features Of PZ60-AHDRTFL18 Intelligent Rice Transplanter:
1. Smart function
Automatic driving, automatic operation, saving labor; can automatically start and stop the clutch to adjust the height of the planting section; simulate the optimal manual operation path, zero pressure seedlings
2. Unique Z rotation function
The planting department is automatically lifted, automatically transplanted, and automatically marked, with a higher degree of intelligence and faster planting efficiency
3. Automatic level control
The more advanced automatic level control function of the transplanting department is more in line with the scientific transplanting of rice
4. Multi-function operating handle
One handle can control the up and down of the planting part, the clutch of the planting clutch, and the slight descent of the planting part, and the operation is simple and convenient
5. Good passability
Front wheel independent shock absorption, high ground clearance, equipped with ultra-low gear, better passability in wet and rotten fields
6. Self-made engine, mid-mounted engine
Self-made 21 horsepower engine, strong power, stable and reliable, unique engine mid-mounted technology, good safety
7. Enlarge and widen the visibility pedal
2.99 square meters, enlarged and widened visibility pedal, which can not only monitor the path, but also place more seedlings
8. Equipped with side deep fertilization function
Segmented fertilizer box and superior fertilization performance, accurate fertilization, is conducive to the rapid recovery of seedlings and increase income
9. Three-stage grader wheel
Reduce the impact force of water flow, level the mud surface, and speed up the seedlings turning green and dividing the medicine.

TechnicalParameter Of PZ60-AHDRTFL18 Intelligent Rice Transplanter
Product modelPZ60-AHDRTLFE18
Machine SizeL*W*H (mm)3180×2210×2425
Min Ground Clearance (mm)440
Weight (kg)840
Structural styleWater-cooled 4-stroke 3-cylinder diesel engine
Total displacement (L)1.123
Rated power/Revolving speed KW﹛ps﹜/(r/min)15.3(20.8)/2500
Travel SectionWheelWheel base (mm)1180/1220
Axle base (mm)1100
Number of gear (shift)Forward 3, backward 3 (walking, transplanting, low speed)
Transplanting SectionPlanting wayrotation type
Planting rows (rows)6
Planting spaced (mm)300
The planting hole distance (mm)250、220、180、170、160、150、130、110
Working hour productivity (mu/hour)6~12

rice transplanter
rice transplanter
rice transplanter
rice transplanter

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