Wheel tractor
Wheel tractor

Wheel tractor General-Purpose Tractor For Paddy And Dry Fields

Model NO.
Product Features Of The T804 Tractor :
1.Light weight design, high clearance from the ground

minimum use weight 2940kg;
Small grounding pressure, better protection of paddy field, high clearance from the ground, paddy field through better
2.Small turning radius
Turn 2250 mm wheelbase, flexible, small turning radius, more flexible for small plots in operations
3.Special type paddy front axle 
Front axle umbrella tooth structure, sealing better, waterproof anti-rust, paddy field operations are more at ease
4.Powerful with low vibration, low noise, excellent engine, powerful, stable performance, high torque
5.The operation is simple and flexible
Electric control office, before and after dynamic reversing: no need to step on the clutch, touch the steering wheel side handle before and after the reversing can be realized easily, field operation more flexible

Technical Parameter Of 
T804Wheel tractor General-Purpose Tractor For Paddy And Dry Fields
Product modelT804-PVR
Machine SizeL*W*H        (mm)3875 (front balancer 4315) *1965*2835
Wheel base    (mm)2250
Weight      (kg)2940
Rated power/Revolving speed (kw/rpm)58.8/2200
Engine displacement(cc)4400
Travel SectionDrive Mode4WD
Intelligent gear shiftDispense with the clutch
range shift  (shift)2
Variable speed gear(shift)F12/R12
Cab(Air conditioning)No
Front windscreen wiperNo

Wheel tractor
Wheel tractor
Wheel tractor
Wheel tractor

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