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hand-held rice transplanter
hand-held rice transplanter
rice transplanter
hand-held rice transplanter
rice transplanter

Ample Power Hand-Held Rice Transplanter

Model NO.
PC -6

Product Features Of PC6 Hand-held Rice Transplanter:

1. Automatic level control function
More advanced automatic level control function, more in line with the scientific transplanting of rice
2. Two-connected seedling feeding belt
Two-connection wide-width seedling feeding belt, accurate seedling feeding and neat interpolation
3. High quality engine
Equipped with high-horsepower high-quality engine, low vibration, low noise, low fuel consumption, high reliability and longer service life
4. Operation handle centralized configuration
Easily control the machine while working
5. Tear seedling needles
Wear-resistant and reliable, does not hurt the seedlings, and quickly turns green and divides the medicine

Technical Parameter PC6 Hand-held Rice Transplanter:
Product modelPC6-A
Machine SizeL*W*H (mm)2350*2100*930
Weight (kg)183
MotorModelChangzhou Kawasaki・FJ180G
Rated power/hp (kW {PS})3.3{4.5}
Travel SectionWheel diameter (mm)Φ660
Operating speed (m/s)0.8
Transplanting SectionPlant lines6
Number of inserted plants (plants/m²)90・80・70/70・60・50
Working hour productivity (mu/hour)Max. is 4

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