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spraying drone agriculture
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spraying drone agriculture
best drones for agriculture
precision agriculture drones
agri drone price
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Oil-electric Hybrid 6-axis 60L Best Drones For Agriculture

Model NO.

Manhope MP-660S large-scale gasoline-electric hybrid agricultural drone has excellent endurance and load-carrying capacity, and the operating area is greatly increased.It is suitable for use on large farms.
drone sprayer
Standard Configuration
1.Android ground station, easy to use/PC ground station, full voice broadcast 
2.Routersetting support, fullyautoflight operation with A,B point operation 
3.Onebutton take-off and landing, more safety and time saving 
4.Contrinuespraying at breakpoint,auto Return when finish liquid and low battery 
5.Liquiddetection,breakpoint record setting 
6.Batterydetection,lowbattery return and record point setting available 
7.Heighcontrolradar,stablealtitude setting, suppotingimitativeearth function 
8.Flyinglayout setting available 
9.Vibrationprotection,lostcontect protective, drugcut protection 
10.Motorsequancedetection and direction detection function 

Enhance Configuration
1.Ascent or descent according to terrainimitativeearth
2.Obstacle avoidance function,surroundingobstacles detection

3.Camrecorder,real-time transmission available
4.Seedsowing function, additional seed spreader  ETC.

Diagonal Wheelbase (mm)2300MM
Size (mm)Folded: 1050*1080*1350MM
Spreaded: 2300*2300*1350MM
Operation Power100V
Flight Speed10M/S
Spray Width10M
Max. Takeoff Weight120KG
Flight Control SystemsMicrogram V7-AG (Military Industry Brand)
Dynamic SystemHobbywing X9 Power Package
Spraying SystemPressure Spray
Water Pump Pressure7KG
Spraying Flow5L/MIN
Flight Time1.5 Hours(Average 10 minutes 1L oil, can be equipped with a fuel tank according to actual needs, to meet the requirements of a single flight time
Operational49.42 Acres/hour
Fuel tank capacity8L
EngineFuelGas-ElectricMixedOil (1:40)
EngineDisplacementZongshen 340CC /18KW
Packing BoxAluminum Box
drone sprayer
drone sprayer
drone sprayer
drone sprayer
drone sprayer
drone sprayer
drone sprayer
02:0FAQ1. What's the MOQ?
MOQ is 1 set. but for your reference, one 40HQ can load 2 sets, that will save you a lot of sea freight.

2.What's the after sales?
Our products' warranty is for 12 months. after that, we can still supply technical support and original spare parts.

3. What's your lead time?
usually within 20 work days.

4.Are you interested in dealership with local company?
Yes, we are quite interested in this business. We'd like to cooperate with some local partner to sell more machines in local market and supply better service.

5. What's your Payment terms?
50% payment in advance by TT, 50% balance before delivery.


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