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Tractor Backhoe
Tractor Backhoe
Tractor Backhoe

Tractor Backhoe For Wheel Tractor

Model NO.

Brief Introduction
1.The TB series tractor backhoe is designed for tractors ranging from 25-120HP, 2WD and 4WD.
2.It is used ditching in farms and grazing lands, digging pool, cleaning waterways as well as assistant excavating work in construction and building roades.
3.It is connected with tractor three-point suspension. Featured with compact structure, flexibility, convenient operation and quick mounting and dismounting.
4.The tractor backhoe is powered by tractor PTO. Hydraulic transmission is used. The power is transferred through oil gear pump. The hydraulic elements are standardized, convenient for opration and service.
5.All are with self hydraulic pump, oil tank, increasing speed gear box, handed control valve, and luxury spring seat andsafety belt.
6.To better accomplish different kinds of work, bucket of differemt sizes can be selected and mounted on it.
Model TB-6TB-7TB-8TB-9
Tractor HP25-30HP30-45HP45-60HP60-80HP
3-point LinkageCat-1Cat-1Cat-1&2Cat-2
Structure Weight(kg)480500580620
Digging Depth(two foot flat bottom)/mm1750195022502550
Reach from center line of Swing pivot(mm)2600290032003600
Loading Height(bucket at 60°) /mm1720184019302210
Transport Height(maximum)/mm1840206021302480
Extend Height(mm)2870311032403590
Loading Reach(bucket at 60°)/mm950118011401360
Transport Overhang (mm)1080111012201270
Undercut (mm)730830470520
Bucket Rotation (° )180°180°180°180°
Stabilizer Spread(up position)/mm1310131013101310
Stabilizer Spread(down position)/mm2100210023402340
Swing Arc (° )180°180°180°180°
Bucket width(mm)300400450500
Bucket cubage(m³)0.0360.0450.0520.063

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